Driven by curiosity

On small group tours, we all want to understand more. See from other points of view. Not satisfied by ‘top sites’ and tick-list routes, we find the stories that go deeper and live longer in your mind.

Stories take us places

Our guides live and breathe places so you can too. They share did-you-knows and real-life memories that make the best stories. And leave time for you to stumble across your own.

Go beyond

From booking to disembarking, our team’s there for every ‘how?’ and ‘what’s next?’. Guaranteed departures. Guaranteed experience, or your money back.

We care about out there

Together, we move forward. We offset carbon, preserve footpaths and guide you to pitstops owned by locals. Connecting people and protecting places we love.

About Li Holidays

We started Li holidays, A travel company in 2020.

We started the li holidays because we ‘saw a gap in the market’, ‘wanted to create an ethical way to travel’, and ‘knew what independent travellers wanted’.

But we know the truth.

We simply wanted to spend our time travelling around gorgeous places, discovering his homeland, and enjoying a dram with friendly faces from around the globe.

We could have carried on doing this forever.

But there was a gap in the market, we had created an ethical way to travel, and we showed people a really, really good time.

So, people started to talk about Li holidays tours.

Why Li Holidays?

Why we only travel in small groups
We’re going to be honest with you.

A long time ago we tried larger coaches.

In theory, it would have been good for our bank accounts.

But in the end, we stopped using them because of three simple reasons.

Firstly, we received worse customer feedback. It turned out you guys preferred mini-coaches and didn’t appreciate trampling over a peaceful forest with 20, 30 or 40 other people.

Secondly, we found it harder to give back to the local communities. It’s not as easy to stop at that local bakery when you need to bring 30 other friends with you.

And thirdly, the big buses made it hard to go down the small roads that lead to your favourite hidden-away local treasures.

So, we went back to our 16 seat mini-coaches.

And we won’t ever go back to big ones. Because we’re never going to value anything more than your enjoyment, our environment, and the world’s best-kept secrets.

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You did a fabulous job. There were no hitches. Thank you again for all your work planning this trip


We are so pleased with you as well as the company you used for their trip. Thank you for setting up such an amazing trip for them and taking care of all the details! We will definitely recommend you

Johnson & Mary

Booking through you was very easy and made our lives so much easier. I have nothing bad to say! Thank you for giving us tips and guidance before we left on what to bring and such, that was very helpful! Thanks again,

Thenmozhi Sundar

I thank you for all your effort and travel information. I really wasn’t expecting that you do this. So thank you very much.